• Pumpkin, Bresse pepper and hemp caviar with pumpkin seed oil

    1/ Preparing the mallards
    Ask your butcher to prepare your mallards. Candied the thighs 3
    at 4 hours in duck fat. They should be soft and tender.
    while holding. Salt the inside of the trunk. In a small cast iron casserole dish or
    pan, melt the butter with garlic and thyme. Arrange the mallard on one side and color it
    slightly. Go back and do the same. Place it on its back and finish cooking in the oven:
    4 minutes at 180°C. Remove from the oven, let rest and set aside. Lift the fillets and set aside
    the chests for the sauce.

    2/ Cooking porcini mushrooms

    Clean the porcini mushrooms and cut them into 4 or 6 depending on their size. Heat a pan with
    butter and a clove of garlic. Color each side of the porcini mushrooms. At the end of cooking put
    on a plate and store in the oven at 50°C.

    3 / Assortment of kumquat and orange

    For the kumquat pulp: place the fruits in a saucepan with 100g of water and
    30g of sugar. Cook and leave to confit. Once ready, deseed and mix very finely
    in order to obtain a very smooth dough. — For the orange zest: peel an orange and
    remove the white particle using a small knife.
    Prepare a syrup with 70g of water and 10g of sugar. Cook everything for about 1 hour.

    4/ Preparation of the carcass sauce
    Take the mallard chests and crush them finely. In a casserole dish, make
    melt some butter and put the chests in pieces. Add 3 cloves of garlic, one
    sprig of thyme and bay leaf. Color well then deglaze with Cognac. Make it flambé.
    Reduce the liquid. When it is almost dry, wet with water.
    Allow to reduce by 3⁄4 and repeat the operation 3 times. Last time, reduce only
    A half. Pass the sauce through a sieve and pour into a small saucepan. Reduce
    by a third and beat in butter. Season with salt and pepper, before binding the
    sauce with blood from mallard fillets. Turn off the boil.

    5 / Dressage
    Arrange the mallard fillet cut on the bias widthwise. Add a thigh and a
    candied garlic clove. Then place the quenelle of kumquat pulp with a little
    finely chopped sage as well as candied orange peel, also chopped. Sauce
    and finish with hemp caviar pearls with homemade plum almond oil

  • Pumpkin, Bresse pepper and hemp caviar with pumpkin seed oil

    1/ Pumpkin powder
    Peel the pumpkin and put the skins to dry in the oven for 2 hours at 95°C.
    Mix the dried skins and pass them through cheesecloth.

    2/Preparation of the pumpkin
    Cut the pumpkin in half and remove the seeds with a spoon. Use a
    half for the marbles and the other for the pucks. Save the scraps for the pulp.

    3 / Making pumpkin balls
    Form 5 to 7 balls per person with a melon spoon. Cook them in
    a pan with a knob of butter, garlic, thyme and a little salt, until
    until they are slightly golden and tender.

    4/ Preparation of pumpkin pucks
    Cut slices 0.4cm thick and 3cm in diameter: 3 per person.
    Cook them in a pan with butter, garlic and thyme, without browning them,
    until you obtain a melting consistency.

    5/Pumpkin pulp
    Sweat the pumpkin scraps with 2 cloves of garlic. Add a little cream,
    let it cook and season. Blend everything until smooth.
    Refrigerate with cling film in contact.

    6/ Pumpkin seeds
    Heat pumpkin or rapeseed oil in a pan. Add the seeds of
    squash and cook them until they start to burst.

    7 / Sliced ​​Dressing
    Mix orange juice, sugar, rapeseed oil, salt, pear and chili pepper
    of Bresse.

    8 / Dressage
    Arrange three pucks per plate. Add the pulp to the pucks. Place the
    pumpkin balls, pumpkin seeds and vinaigrette. Finish by arranging the
    hemp caviar pearls with Maison Beryola pumpkin seed oil.

  • Toastines of snail fricassee, seaweed, cockles, raw hemp caviar and marinière sauce

    1/ Preparation of melba bread
    Trim the edges of the bread slices. Cut each slice to make two
    toastines. Repeat for all 4 slices. In a pan, melt 20g of butter with
    a little salt, the garlic clove and the thyme. Gently brown the breads on their
    two sides. Once golden brown, remove them and place them on absorbent paper.
    To book.

    2/ Seaweed tartare
    Rinse the algae to desalinate them if necessary (optional). Chop them finely and
    put them in pans with 10g of butter. Cook for 10 minutes over low heat. THE
    lightly pepper. (We can replace these algae with samphire).

    3 / Cooking the cockles in marinière
    In a saucepan, put a little butter, a finely chopped shallot and the parsley.
    Add the shells (de-sanded), let cook for a few minutes before deglazing with
    White wine. Continue cooking for about 4 minutes until they are all
    open. Remove from the pan then shuck them one by one. Keep the juice
    cooking for the marinière sauce. Pour into a saucepan and heat over medium heat.
    Add the milk then mix the sauce, checking that it emulsifies well.

    4/ Cooking snails in fricassee
    After rinsing the pan used for the breads, add a knob of butter.
    Place the snails for cooking. Add a chopped shallot and the chopped spring onion
    in whistle. Season with salt and pepper. Remove the snails from the pan when they
    begin to crisp slightly.

    5 / Preparation of fresh herbs & dressing
    Prune the herbs to your liking. For presentation, arrange 2 toastines per
    plate. Add a little seaweed on each toastine and arrange harmoniously,
    according to your taste, the different elements. Finish with the emulsified marinière sauce,
    then place the Maison Beryola raw hemp oil caviar pearls on the dish.

  • Mocktail

    Beryola Mandarino (without alcohol)

    Preparation directly in the glass.
    Served in a Highball cocktail glass or Whiskey glass.
    Fill the glass to the brim with large ice cubes.
    Add the ingredients one by one:
    • 20ml of mandarin syrup and 10ml of lemon juice
    • 200ml of sparkling water

    Put a teaspoon of hemp caviar
    of your choice Maison Beryola on a thin slice
    of lemon placed on ice cubes. Use the straw to mix and enjoy the caviar.