As a producer of flowers, extractor of essences and formulator of oils, Maison Beryola ensures excellence throughout the entire manufacturing process, from seed to pearl.


Carefully chosen, our seeds are germinated in a greenhouse, then placed in the sandy, living soil of Hautes Landes, a certified organic territory. They are grown without engines or machines, with a minimum of inputs – always natural –, mulch and compost.


Once mature, the plants are carefully observed and harvested by hand, plant by plant.

They are then hung for gentle and slow drying, using the traditional method.


Our oil is extracted with subcritical CO2, an innovative gentle and respectful technique which allows us to extract the precious phytoactives from our flowers without heating up or using a solvent.

This technique guarantees respect for the plant and the capture of the most intense flavors.


Dispersed drop by drop in a bath, the oil becomes, thanks to gravity, a perfect pearl enveloped in a thin gelled membrane.

This microfluidic technique allows a unique visual and sensory experience, while preserving the effects and multiplying the active ingredients.