• Louis Galtié

    CEO - Formerly in the world of wines & spirits and entrepreneur in food and consumer goods,
    he takes care of the development of Beryola

  • Jeanne Bibette

    Co-founder and director of operations - Entrepreneur in fashion and events for 10 years, organizer and unifier, she is at the origin of the Beryola project. This project was born from its roots: Les Landes; where she created the agroecological farm, place of production of Beryola.

  • Thomas Blangille

    Technical director -

    Agricultural engineer and specialist in aromatic hemp for over 15 years. He is a great nature lover who fights for the environment. He invents our flavors and aromas and takes care of creating the link between nature and our processed products in collaboration with the scientific team.

  • Jérôme Bibette

    Scientific Director -

    French physicist and chemist, director of the Chimie Biologie Innovation laboratory, specialist in the physics and chemistry of colloids and emulsions. He is an inventor of new technologies and serial entrepreneur, recognized worldwide. He works with his teams to create new innovative hemp-based products.

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