• - Raw Caviar -

    Hemp caviar in its purest form, made from the flower and nothing more.

    A spicy and fiery taste, this edition subtly enhances dishes and cocktails for more power.

    Organic virgin hemp oil is obtained by first cold pressing of the seeds using organic farming methods.

    Its richness in vitamin E allows it to carry the regulatory functional claim relating to the protection of cell membranes.

    With 210 mg of CBD produced on our agroecological farm

  • - Round Caviar -

    Hemp caviar rounded with organic pumpkin seed oil.

    Delicate and balanced, this edition gives character to dishes and cocktails and can be combined with a multitude of flavors.

    Virgin organic pumpkin seed oil is produced in the South-West of France, by simple cold pressing.

    Naturally rich in anti-oxidant vitamin E and polyunsaturated fatty acids. It also contains beta-carotene, lutein, a powerful antioxidant that protects eye cells, and zinc, which strengthens the body's immune defenses.

    With 210mg of CBD produced in our agroecological farm.

  • - Sweet Caviar -

    Hemp caviar softened with organic plum almond oil.

    Sweet taste with notes of frangipane, ideal for tasting with a spoon.

    Plum almond oil, unique in the world, comes from the Ente plum, a variety of the Prunus Domestica species, grown in Lot-et-Garonne for the production of Agen Prunes.

    Its richness in vitamin E , oleic acid and linoleic acid make it an oil with highly sought-after anti-oxidant properties.

    With 210 mg of CBD produced in our agroecological farm.